CyberNavigator Expansion

CyberNavigators are computer tutors in Chicago Public Library Branches who help provide access to information resources for adults and youth. Under Connect Chicago, the CyberNavigator Program is expanding citywide. The CyberNavigator Program has been funded since 1998 by the Chicago Public Library Foundation.

There is high demand for CyberNavigator assistance across the city. The Chicago Public Library hosts 2.5 million public computer sessions per year — at least 9,000 sessions per library branch. These sessions benefit residents with limited access to the Internet. Many of those with limited access also have limited skills. Each session is an opportunity to provide learning support.

The expansion of the CyberNavigator Program will mean that 78 of 80 total Chicago Public Library Branches will have a CyberNavigator — making the resource citywide. Before expansion efforts began in August 2015, 48 branches had CyberNavigators. The expansion will mean that there will be an additional 350-400 training hours per week across Chicago.

In December 2015 alone, CyberNavigators held over 9,000 trainings in Chicago Public Library Branches. Chicago residents can look up more monthly data about the Chicago Public Library on the Chicago Data Portal.